Friday, October 30, 2009


AMP, Münster

Spïnal Tap

Backstage, St. Gallen

Jerker Kaj in air


We're hanging out at AMP in Münster. We just finished our soundcheck and Solander is on stage now. Today we had one hell of a drive from St.Gallen in Switzerland (9 hours in the van) and we spent the time watching some movies and listening to good music.

What we've been kicking back to in the van on this tour:


Smog/Bill Callahan
Doug Martsch
Vit Päls
Devendra Banhart
Bob Hund
A Journey To The Centre Of The Earth (audiobook)


Walk The Line
Spïnal Tap
Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Fortunate Events
Garth Marenghi's Dark Place

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wien = Vienna

We're in Vienna, we've played and we're having a great time.
Tonight the show(s) were a little heavy...I don't know why but it felt a bit
like swimming towards the stream. I don't think it was the crowd (who was great!)
and it wasn't the bands, it just was one of those nights y'know?!

The drumkit kept breaking, I (johan) could not
hear one word of what the hell I was singing,
and that's ok if you can focus hard on the singing but I have to play the guitar at the same time...suddenly you're in one hell of a pickle...well, you win some and you lose some.

Last night at Immerhin in Würzburg was INCREDIBLE!
It was the last time Mamü/Marko/Arschnüsse org
anized a show at this incredible place. The place was packed and our gear was seriously soaking wet after 2 minutes in the room. The air was so heavy with water that breathing felt like drinking water.

Me and Fredrik from Solander doing "Filler".
No, we're not's the angle.
It it really is.

Part of the Würzburg-crowd!
"The Hotel" Vienna.

Today we travelled from Würzburg at about 9 in the morning. We spent the time in the van talking about extremely important things (midgets, philosophy and stuff in between) and watching "Walk The Line" which we collectively think is one of the greatest movies in the last couple of years. Wow. The hiphop-maybe-faux-mockumentary-thingy-ma-gogg-thing that Joaquin Phoenix got going right now is awesome and I'm not sure what's happening with that right now but I think I like it. Growing a huge beard will always score 10 points in my book.

Tonight we played with Slon for the 2nd time and I think they're a hugely underrated band. There should be 1000 people at their shows but that's life. True art never get's appreciated until after the death of it's guess...yes...scraps should be huge around 2058 or something.

"A taste of Vienna"

Solander delivered as usual. They're such a fantastic live-band and their songs are just made to be singing along to. The feeling and presence Solander provides live are just awe-inspiring.

Now it's off to bed and tomorrow we're gonna see some nice paintings and whatnot in Vienna.

Much much love!
j and scraps

Sunday, October 25, 2009

just a quick note...

1. Log on to Spotify.

2. Search for "Jag hade en gång en båt"

3. Click the version by CajsaStina Åkerström.

4. Hear one of the worst vocal-performances we've ever heard. Feeling is usually a good
thing when you sing a song, but this is so over the top we can't help but to comment it.
The best part is when Jack Vreeswijk comes in during the second verse...jesus.
(for the english-speaking readers: "Jag hade en gång en båt" = "I once had a boat")



in Frankfurt now, at Ponyhof. Today we're playing with Lowstar and September Leaves, and they seem like awesome people and we're really looking forward to it. Right now tho, we're hungry as hell and just wanna eat.

Found some videofootage from the Malmö-gig:

Solander also has a tourblogg and you should head on over and see what the tour is like form their p.o.v.

More soon!

love love love

Saturday, October 24, 2009

halle prt2

SCRAPS OF TAPE/SOLANDER 2009 European Fall Tour

Hello friends, foes and loved ones!

We're in Halle again! A long day of sailing/driving from Malmö (we got up at 05:00 in Malmö)
and we're finally here. Soundchecks are well under way and we're waiting for food.

Everything has been great so far except for our van. we ordered a 9-seat van but the "original" van got busted up in a car-accident before we had the chance to get it and we got another one.

This one has a DVD-player+TV in it (we already watched Edward Scissorhands and 2 episodes of Garth Marenghi's Darkplace) and that's kick-ass but there's one downer. It only has 8 seats.

It gets a bit crowded at times and we're working on a better solution as we speak and I'm sure it'll all work out great. The other thing with the van is that is has died on us two times so we've had to use all the muscles we have in this 9-people strong crew to push the goddamned van started.

We tried it a little while ago and it started again as if nothing ever happened but it's still a bit worrying. Well well...what would a tour without mishaps be? No, not a real tour at all, right Once We Were?

A funny thing is that the last time we had real trouble with a van it had the same green colour as the van we're using right a word of advice, never book or use DARK-GREEN vans.

No pics yet...but soon soon!

Big BIG thank you to everyone who came out to the show in Malmö last night. We had a great great time and we're really thankful for everyone showing up and paying us and especially Mikael their respects. It means the world to us!!

And to everyone who's thinking about going to our shows on this tour and haven't decided yet. COME ON OUT! As announced before it's Mikaels last tour with us so if you want to see this amazing drummer and original member of Scraps Of Tape play with us this is your one shot!!!

He's off to thousands of other and better projects and we're honored to have had him as a member for all this time.

Fun fact: Micke started out as a bass-player in SoT, and then one day Marcus met Kenta at a left-wing-party meeting and asked him to join the band, and on the next rehearsal Micke shows up and get's the order: "Oh by the way, your the drummer now". So without ever having played the drums "for real" in a band he was suddenly our drummer. Well...he has made a GREAT fucking job...we're getting crippled's like losing a limb.

Much much much love from all of us!

johan+scraps of tape

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Back home again!

We arrived back in Sweden around 16:00 hours local time last night, said goodbye and went to our separate dwellings with a super exciting amusement tour behind us.

Personally I had to get in a car and drive for 3 hours to Gothenburg before I could relax and I'm just back home after the first day back at work, dead-tired and already have my sights set on the sofa tonight.

We want to thank everyone who made this tour possible and so much fun. It was an honor to be back in Japan and play and BIG BIG thanks to everyone in the audience who came to the shows. We had some of the best ones ever!!
Extra big thanks to the Shapes-guys: Gav, Rich, Stevie.
You are amazing musicians and even better persons.
You made this tour 200% super exciting amusing! We miss you so much already.

Big picture-update soon!